Las Vegas, Nevada Attending the WPPI Conference & Expo, back in February was so much fun! Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience. I arrived Catherine Hall  Greg Moment and Roger Tan Barrie Downie and Sharron Goodyear from Beau & Belle, The very last day there I got to finally check out the expo […]


May 21, 2019

WPPI Conference 2018 Experience| Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

My Barcelona trip (Oct.2009) was amazing!! I had a great time. Made some new friends and saw things I thought I would have never seen! Everything there is BEAUTIFUL and the place is insanely clean. I was very impressed. The ambiance is very relaxing and I love the fact you can walk to any place […]


December 30, 2010

Barcelona, Spain

During my fall 2009 semester I got the privilege to study abroad in Rome, Italy where I was able to take some amazing pictures. This was the best time in my life! It was not until I was backing up to leave Rome when I had finally realized that I was there, in Italy. It […]


December 5, 2010

Fall 2009 | Rome, Italy