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  Dallas, TX Don’t forget to still date each other after marriage. When your honeymoon is over and the mundane life routines set in and things are more calculated than they use to be, fit some time into your schedule to date. You’ll be growing and evolving with your partner for the rest of your […]


A lot of people on social media are saying how having a birthday during COVID19 is a bummer, but I have to disagree. I feel like my daughter had one of the best birthdays ever! It was nice to be able to dedicate the entire day just to her! I absolutely loved it and she […]

Las Vegas, Nevada Attending the WPPI Conference & Expo, back in February was so much fun! Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience. I arrived Catherine Hall  Greg Moment and Roger Tan Barrie Downie and Sharron Goodyear from Beau & Belle, The very last day there I got to finally check out the expo […]

Dallas, TX As the year ends and I sit here reflecting on all of the blessings God has given me, all of the accomplishments I’ve seen and all of the things I haven’t quite finished, I am truly grateful for each of them. Here are a few highlights I am thankful for: 1. My Wonderful […]