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The number one question I always get asked after my clients book their session is, “What should we wear?” Figuring out what outfit your family should wear can definitely be hard, especially when you don’t really know what colors to choose.

1. Start with the End in Mind

It may sound simple, but this is one that can easily be overlooked. What are you trying to use the photos for? Do you only want them for Christmas cards or are you looking to hang some family portraits on your wall?

Before thinking about what to wear in your family photos or what color scheme to choose for your outfits, start by thinking about where you plan to display your portraits. If you plan on placing your portrait on a bright wall I would lean more towards neutral colors so that they don’t compete with each other.

Now if you have a neutral wall, then I would try and dress using the accent colors you plan or have decorated your house.

2.Coordinate Outfits Instead of Matching

No more matching and wearing the same shirts! Instead, coordinate outfits. There are 4 steps to choosing your family outfits:

  1. Choose a color palette. This is usually 2-3 colors.
  2. Mom, lets have you choose your outfit first! I love when my mom’s and girls wear dresses. I feel you look more flattering and you photograph better, but find something you feel beautiful & amazing in. When you feel gorgeous, it will show!
  3. Find outfits for the rest of the family base on the color palette you have chosen.
  4. Use accessories to help pull your look together. Wear some pop earrings, a scarf, a hat, a belt that goes with your color palette.

I decided to google a few ideas for you so that you don’t have to do all the work. I love wearing warm tones during fall. Start with neutrals as your base ( ivory, beige, or gray), and then add in pops of coordinating colors. You can use the sample palettes below to help you choose.

Hopefully this helps you get an idea of what to wear for your next family session. Mini sessions are so fun to shoot and not only do they produce lovely images, but also memories. 

I’m excited for our fall sessions and can’t wait to capture many of you and your sweet families!



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