Marriage Date Night Ideas


Dallas, TX

Don’t forget to still date each other after marriage. When your honeymoon is over and the mundane life routines set in and things are more calculated than they use to be, fit some time into your schedule to date. You’ll be growing and evolving with your partner for the rest of your life so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy one another. 

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway every once in a while or do it spur of the moment. Travel to a cabin in the woods, maybe a lake house or somewhere you’ve had on your list for a while.  Tiny Home Vacations is a lovely resort at Lake Texoma with tiny homes, forest huts, and glamping tents nestled in the trees around a resort-style pool, jacuzzi, and clubhouse.tiny-home-getawaydate-night-getaway


Enjoy the Outdoors 

Have a picnic. Make some sandwiches or charcuterie or grab all of your favorite items and fill up your basket with flowers and maybe a nice bottle of wine. Enjoy the warm weather or sunset and find a nice spot on White Rock lake or Turtle Creek Park.walking-in-the-park


Learn a New Dish

Turn up the heat a little and take an online cooking class or go to one together! Learn a new dish you’ve been wanting to try or a dessert, like macaroons, and get down and dirty in the kitchen!

Put on Your Hiking Shoes 

Tight on the budget this month? Go for a hike! Use this hiking guide for trails around town. Make it a routine! cedar-hill-perserve-proposal


Hit the Slopes

Plan a vacation and hit the slopes. Even better, do a road trip and get plenty of quality time together in the car. New Mexico and Colorado are closer than driving to the other side of Texas!

Sky’s the Limit 

Go rock climbing at Summit! Staying active is a good way to be healthy and reduce stress in general thus most likely being there for your partner more and less likely to get into frustrating arguments or bickering.

Bike Around Town 

Go on a bike ride! Take your bikes our or rent some bikes in Bishop Arts and cruise around town. Explore some shops you’ve never been to and maybe purchase something small to remember your date. bike-date-ideas


Get Creative 

Get creative and do a painting class or if you are feeling spunky take some dance lessons. Try salsa dancing or ballroom. There are some nice salsa/bachata classes you can go here in Dallas, or take some online if you don’t want to leave your house right now.  Maybe get sweaty and take a fun Zumba class together. It’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.


Romantic Dinner

Last but not least,  a candlelit dinner is always a nice date night idea. Make your favorite meal, cook together, take a little extra time to decorate the table, and enjoy!

Be intentional as you grow together as a couple and never take each other for granted. I hope the date night ideas inspire you two to spend some quality together.

XO, Lynnet

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