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golden-birthday-coronavirus-birthdayA lot of people on social media are saying how having a birthday during COVID19 is a bummer, but I have to disagree. I feel like my daughter had one of the best birthdays ever! It was nice to be able to dedicate the entire day just to her! I absolutely loved it and she had a blast all day.

Every year when I plan my daughter’s birthday I love to go all out and I want to make sure it’s memorable and special. This year it was a bit different, and I completely loved it. What I loved most about it is that we got to stay home and just spend her entire birthday together. Normally if it fell during the week I would sing to her in the morning, decorate her room and bathroom, and then I had to drop her off at school and we didn’t get to celebrate her much on that day. This time I made sure we did a lot of things together and she got spoiled by my family and I! 

Since I didn’t want her to feel sad that her friends couldn’t come over to have a sleepover like she wanted to I needed to make sure I still decorated and had some fun things to do with her in the afternoon after school was done. 

How I got prepared

I tried putting Lina to bed earlier the night before, but of course that never works! This little girl has way too much energy and she was just too excited for tomorrow. After she fell asleep I began to clean the living room, decorate the table, and set up a photo backdrop for her to have during her online schooling and for us to use as to take pictures later! My sister and my mom helped me blow up white and gold balloons to decorate her room and then later use those same balloons to surround her with while she opened her presents.

I bought most of the decorations on Amazon with a few things getting from the dollar store and Target!  

Lina decided she wanted to curl her hair for her birthday, so the night before I added some rollers on her hair! This is how she looked like when she woke up!  As soon as she woke up there was a present ready for her to open. In it was her outfit for the day. She was soo happy about it (by the way she kind of knew that I had gotten her a dress because she caught me looking for dresses on Amazon,lol! I tried telling her I was looking for her communion dress, but I don’t think she feel for it). She felt like a princess!

I used expo markers to decorate the mirror in the bathroom. This is one of the things I do every year for her and she loves it (and so do I)! It is a family tradition. My mom used to do it for us too! You could also use those chalkboard markers which work way better, but I couldn’t find them so I did what I could do.

I woke her up a bit earlier than usual so I could get her ready and have a nice breakfast with her before she began online schooling.  

 Here is a list of things we did throughout the day:

Got  dressed up in her princess outfit

Had special donuts for breakfast (Thanks sis for getting these for her)

Had orange juice served in a fancy wine glass

8:10 AM Had Online School

1:30 Scheduled a zoom call party

Olive Garden for lunch

3 PM Cut the cake

Open presents


Made a youtube video using her new Unicorn Slim Kit

Got her favorite Starbucks Cookie Crumble Drink

Karaoke Night

Made more Slime (Lina wanted to teach us how to make our own slime)

Lina loved these donuts so much! I also loved how you can personalize them how you want. She definitely felt special when she saw they had her name on them. After breakfast, she started school and her classmates surprised her by making cards for her and Harold the Tiger showing up on Zoom to sing happy birthday to her too! 

Opened Presents

Made a youtube video using her Unicorn Slime Kit

(she only practices I haven’t posted any up yet. We will soon though!)

Photoshoot Time

I wanted to got to the park, but she wasn’t in the mood of going outside so I didn’t want to push it and decided to do it indoors. I’m still going to try and take her pictures later when the arboretum opens up.

She really believed that was a real princess crown! She loved it! I had a few people asked me where I got it so here is the link: Princess Crown

Here I pretended she was my newborn and I was telling her how I used to carry her when she was my little baby. I’ll never forget how little she was and now she’s so big I can’t even carry her. Parton my messy hair and tired face, haha! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any rest since I had her, haha! 

Lastly, we all had Starbucks, made the slime with Lina, and had a Karaoke Night with night lights and everything!

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to celebrate your/and or your kid’s birthday! Stay safe out there and happy birthday to everyone celebrating! 





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