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5 tips for your maternity session

You’re having a baby!  Congrats! I have a daughter and even to this day, I can’t believe she was in my tummy! Isn’t it amazing that our bodies can form a beautiful human being? That is a blessing from our God and something you probably want to remember. It doesn’t matter how many babies you have not one single tummy looks the same and I am here to help you plan your maternity session. You see when I had my daughter I didn’t get the chance to photograph my pregnancy. Of course, I have pictures that I took with my phone, but not professionally and I regret it every time. At the time I didn’t have the funds to hire a photographer so I did the best I could.

So today I am here to give you a few tips on how to prepare for your maternity session whether you hire someone or you do it at home.

Timing is Everything

I get asked a lot of times when is the best time to take my maternity photos? I think the best time is anywhere between 30-36 weeks, preferably 7 or 8 months. You are still able to move around easily, your belly has made an appearance.  Of course, this may vary depending on each one’s condition. If you are to be at bed rest or at risk of having your baby sooner, then I would take those photos as soon as you can see your belly. We usually start seeing a bump around 5-6 months.

The second timing you want to consider is the time of day your maternity session should take place. The best light for your session is during the “golden hour”. That’s an hour before the sunsets where you get that glowing sunlight.


Finding Your Perfect Outfit

Now that you know when is the best time to take your maternity photos its time to find the perfect dress for your session so you have enough time to order it online. Of course, you can wear whatever you want, but make sure that its tighter around the belly to show off your gorgeous bump!

I recommend staying away from pregnancy jeans and t-shirts because it ends up giving you too many lines and distractions on your belly making it harder to see.Materntiy Session idea and tips

Choose your Location

Where do you feel most at peace? Love spending your days at the beach, by the lake, in the mountains, in the garden, then your session should take place there.  Where ever you feel describes you and your family.  If you love nature and being outdoors as a family, then going to a botanical garden or park nearby would be a great idea. If your family is more of the city type then maybe heading to downtown or an art district would be nice. Maybe you enjoy a relaxing day at home with your family, so having your session in the comfort of your own home would work too! You may also want to take into consideration the season it will be when you are 36 weeks.How to prepare for your maternity sessionHow to prepare for your maternity session

Pamper Yourself

It’s about you girl! Get your nails done. Get your hair and makeup done. This day is all about you, so do whatever you need to help you feel relaxed and feel your best. I know towards the end of my pregnancy I didn’t even brush my hair and wore sweatpants all day. I definitely was not my typical self, but trust me, you will enjoy pampering yourself for a day. You deserve it and you ARE BEAUTIFUL!maternity session ideastips on how to prepare for your maternity sessionmaternity session ideas

Don’t Forget the Details

From the colors you and your family choose to wear to the meaningful baby items you choose to incorporate, it all ties in. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Less is more. Dress in neutral colors avoiding too many patterns or big designs on their clothes.
  • Bring small items that are meaningful, such as your sonogram, or babies first outfit. But know that this is not required.
  • Your maternity session is all about you and your beautiful belly, so make sure you and your partner’s nails are cleaned, cut, and moisturized. This is why I suggest getting your nails done. Make sure your partner doesn’t have cuticles hanging or ashy hands, lol!
  • If you would like to change outfits, don’t forget it. Pack a hairbrush, touch-up makeup, flat shoes to walk in if you decide to wear heels for your session, and anything you may need for your session.

Remember to have fun and relax! It’s a time to celebrate you and your cute little blessing God has given you. So have a good time! maternity session tips maternity session tips, maternity session ideas

Let’s chat, I’d love to help make your vision a reality! Send me a message here and let’s begin planning your maternity session.

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