David + Vanessa|Winspear Opera House |Dallas Downtown Engagement Session|Dallas Wedding Photographer

Dallas, TX

I am so excited to finally get to share David and Vanessa’s Engagement Session! I met David and Vanessa at Silvia and Jonathan’s Wedding. Vanessa was one of Silvia’s bridesmaids. It is always so fun to be able to reconnect with guests and be able to also capture their wedding.

David and Vanessa met at their church and have been dating since for quite some time now. Their first date was at Vanessa’s favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. I love wings too by the way. Great choice Vanessa! 

David did an amazing job planning the proposal, she had no idea that he was about to propose.  They had a scenic flight date scheduled that they both knew about because they had gotten them awhile back. He hired a videographer, went in the morning to film some romantic words (so she wouldn’t see), planned how everything was going to run and when Vanessa and David arrived he pretended he had no idea who the videographer was. Vanessa was told that the videographer was simply filming for a promo video. When they walk to the jet, David decided to get on one knee right before getting on the jet. It was magical! 

I had a great time shooting their engagement session. I can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle and say I do in June!




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