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7 Key Engagement Session Tips | Texas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography

As a wedding photographer, I get asked quite often from my clients about how to prepare for an engagement photoshoot. Being able to capture this special season of your life is so important and you want your photos turn out beautifully!  Here are 7 tips to help you make the most of your engagement photoshoot:

Make them Personally Relevant 

Engagement photos are very personal. When you are picking out a theme and a location, keep in mind that you want to make it is personally relevant to you and your partner. Think about what makes you and your partner unique because photography is about telling your story.  If there is a special place where you met or certain outfits that have sentimental meaning incorporate them into your session.  If you don’t have anything specific, think of the feel and look you want for your photos. 

Choose a Good Location 

The location of your photoshoot will be the backdrop of your photos.  Your photographer will have places they can suggest.  As you decide on a spot remember that the location will influence the style and feeling of the photos.  If you have an idea in mind let your photographer know so they can plan appropriately for your shoot.

What to Wear

It can be challenging trying to plan outfits with your partner because both of you may have different styles.  When choosing what to wear you can pick a couple different outfits and styles.  It usually works well to bring one casual outfit and one fancy outfit.

Also think about colors.  You don’t want to be overly “matchy” for your photoshoot. It’s ok to wear the same color for your engagement shoot, however wearing a different shade of the same color is more ideal than trying to wear the exact same color. 

Neutrals always pair well together.  If you are a fan of bright colors, don’t be afraid to wear them.  Just make sure to have your partner wear a lighter or neutral color if you’re wearing a bright color, so that it’s not overbearing. 

If you decide to wear a pattern or plaid, keep it simple and make sure the other person is wearing a solid color.  If you are wearing a pattern make sure it isn’t too colorful or complex.  If you’re gonna wear plaid, choose a larger plaid because it adds dimension to your engagement photos and will photograph better than a small plaid. 

Get to Know Your Photographer

People hire photographers to capture the moment.  Your photographer should want to hear about your love story and what you want to accomplish from the shoot. It is important to talk to your photographer and get to know him or her prior to the shoot. The more you communicate with your photographer, the better your shoot will go. 

Remember to Be Yourself & Be Present

Have fun and enjoy every moment with your partner while the photographer is taking your engagement photos.  If you guys are yourself and being natural with each other, the photos will reflect that.  Trust that your photographer will take photos that you are looking for.  Relax and most importantly, enjoy your very special day!

Come Prepared

Make sure you eat before the shoot.  It doesn’t have to be a full meal, but having a light snack or light meal before can help you have energy, fell good and be more focused. 

Also remember to bring flats!  You’ll often do some walking in between locations and having flats or comfortable shoes to walk in is really important.  It will help you feel better during your photos and not get sore. 

Plan a Date

This is a great way to end a photoshoot! You’ll already be dolled up for the shoot, so it’s the perfect time to plan a date afterwards! It’s always fun to end the day with something extra special.


With a little bit of planning and preparation, you will be well on your way to executing the perfect engagement photoshoot. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Wedding Planning!



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