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10 Bluebonnet Photo Tips & What to Wear for Your Session | Texas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography

10 Tips for Beautiful Bluebonnet Photo Sessions 

Are you wanting to take photos in the gorgeous Bluebonnet patches but need some tips on how to get the best quality photos and where to go? Here are ten tips for capturing beautiful bluebonnet photos!

1. Pick the Right Time of Day

Many people set out to take photos in the middle of the day, but mid-day light is often harsh and is something you want to avoid.  If you want to take your photos in the morning, try taking them between 8-10 am when the sun hasn’t reached it’s peak height for the day.  If you want to take them later in the day, wait till late afternoon or early evening, between 4-6 pm.

2.  Find a Good & Safe Location

Once they bluebonnets hit full bloom, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful patches scattered all throughout the area.  You’ll find patches along busy streets and highways, as well as, slower streets and less trafficked areas.  Even though busier streets maybe more convenient to get to, make sure and choose a patch that is more secluded and safer, with less traffic. 

3. Check the Background of Your Location  

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Choosing a more secluded location will also help because you’ll have a less distracting background.  Try to position yourself so there aren’t big buildings, people or cars behind you.  Sometimes you’ll find a cute cottage, neat barn or structure that would add to the photo, but unless it has character and will add to the beauty of your surroundings, avoid having it in your photos.    

4. Check the Ground of Your Location

Bluebonnet patches are beautiful, but because the flowers are taller, there can often be critters in the area.  To avoid them, make sure and look around the area for ant hills, snakes or dirt before having your kids go in.  There are many clear areas throughout every patch, so make sure and locate one once you arrive.

5. Wear Simple Colors & Comfortable Clothes

Since the flowers are blue and surrounded by tall green grass, I suggest wearing pastel colors like white, light yellow, pink or light blue.  Try to not wear too much plaid or loud patterns, solid light colors are best.  The grass can also be itchy, so little kids might feel better in pants rather than shorts.  Little girls may want to have tights or nylons on if they’re wearing a dress.  Khaki pants, blue jeans and spring dresses with nylons are all great options for kids.

6. Bring Blankets or Props

You may also be more comfortable if you bring along a simple blanket to sit on.  If you plan on bringing one, make sure it’s not too big, colorful or distracting.  Bringing along a crate, wooden chairs or even a vintage wagon can also add some character to your photos and are great for posing kids on.

7. Be Relaxed & Have Fun

When you think about taking photos with kids or a group of people, you may feel stressed.  But the more relaxed everyone is, the more natural the photos will turn out.  These are memories you want to capture and look back on, so if everyone is having fun, the photos will turn out full of real emotion and you won’t have to be stressed about how they turn out!

8. Take Candid & Posed Shots

Photo Credit: Shannon Morten Photography

If everyone is feeling relaxed, you’ll also be able to get a good variety of shots.  Start out taking candid shots of the kids moving around, smelling the flowers, walking through the grass or laughing together.  Once they are comfortable, then have them take some posed shots looking at the camera.  Candid shots always make for treasured photos and posed shots allow you to see everyone’s faces well.  So getting a mix of both is best!

9. Capture the Beautiful Bluebonnets

Often times, with bluebonnets, being lower to the ground will give you a beautiful photo of both your subjects and the flowers.  It allows you to capture the depth of the flower patches and their beauty.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and heights as you take the photos.

10. Book a Blue Bonnet Mini Session with a Local Photographer

Our simple tips above will help you get gorgeous photos.  But sometimes, it’s best and easiest to book a mini session.  There is less planning.  You don’t have to find the location, bring any props, find a clear and safe patch.  You just show up and let the photographer work their magic.

If you’re in the Dallas area and are looking to take bluebonnet photos – I am offering mini sessions for only $85 a family.  We will be shooting at the Ennis Bluebonnet trails!  The Ennis trails are beautiful, easy to get to and safe.  I can’t wait to do these sessions!  I love meeting new families and capturing their personalities! If you’d like to sign up for a bluebonnet mini session with me – follow this link

The bluebonnets only bloom for a short time and they make for gorgeous photos.  Don’t miss your opportunity to take some beautiful family pictures (it’s perfect for some Mother’s Day Gift)!



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