Top 2019 Wedding Color Trends | Texas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography -

Top 2019 Wedding Color Trends | Texas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography

If you’ve spent time imagining what your wedding day will be like, then you’ve definitely spent time thinking of your colors for the day!  Choosing your wedding colors is such a fun part of the planning process.  Colors and styles are always changing and sometimes you just need a bit of visual inspiration to help you choose your palette!

Take a look at these top 12 color schemes for 2019 and 2020 that we’ve put together and be inspired!  Whether you are planning a spring, summer, fall or winter wedding, we have some beautiful color combinations for you!  We’ve categorized them by season, but the best part about planning your wedding is that you get to plan it to fit your vision!  So if you love a palette under the spring colors and you are getting married early fall, go with it and make it your own!  

As a photographer, I get to capture every detail and color of the day.  The more you love those details, the more fun it is to photograph them.  Here are some combinations to be inspired by!

Spring Wedding Palettes

With spring blooms all around and greenery coming back to life, these color combinations will highlight the beauty of the season with a simple touch of elegance.

Summer Wedding Palettes

Warm colors, cool breezes and the soft summer air make for naturally beautiful scenery.  These summer color schemes are timeless, add the perfect touch of color and flow seamlessly with the light and airy feel of summer. 

Fall Wedding Palettes

The fall colors bask in rich autumn hues and warmth.  These color combinations highlight the beautiful depth of fall colors while looking timeless and gorgeous.

Winter Wedding Palettes

Winter romance is not something just of fairytales.  With these color schemes, the romantic touch of winter can be brought to life, through both beautiful neutrals and rich colors.  

I hope you’ve been inspired by these palettes and color schemes.  As a photographer, I love the variety in color that each of my brides end up choosing.  As long as your colors match who you are, you can’t go wrong!  Happy planning!



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