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Choosing your dress can be one of the hardest wedding decisions you’ll make. You’ve been dreaming about this day for such a long time, and if you’re like me, you’ve had a wedding board created on Pinterest way before you found the man of your dreams!

I’ve always felt like you’re not really going to know which dress to choose until you have actually tried it on. I think that’s when you’ll know which one is THE one!

Here are a few of my favorite trending wedding outfits and why I like them:

Sleeved A Line Dress

I love that this dress is only $229! You won’t break your wallet and it’s absolutely amazing!  It’s elegant yet simple.  The embroidered detailing on the dress sweeps across the fabric to add an elegant touch.  The flowing sleeves give the dress a modern look and make it the perfect choice for any season.  The sheer material won’t feel too heavy in the warmer months, but the sleeves will also help protect your arms in the cooler months.  If you’re looking for relaxed yet stunning dress, this is the perfect style for you!

The Blush Dress

Blush dresses are some of my favorites and they are really trending in 2019! A hint of color on your wedding dress looks very nice.  If you’re looking for a dress that has a classy and unique feel without the traditional white or ivory look, blush is a great choice.  It will add color without straying too far from a neutral.  Blush dresses would be perfect for a Spring wedding with a fresh greenery palette, in the summer paired with whites and gold or even in the winter with maroons and dark golds.

Cinderella Ball Gown

Ah, puffy dresses are also one of my favorites! A Cinderella ball gown makes the perfect dress for a fairytale wedding.  I mean, who doesn’t love seeing a gorgeous dress like this?  Having a long veil is always elegant, romantic and makes me feel like I’m attending a royal wedding.  Plus, I get to capture so many fun and romantic photos with your veil!  If you’ve dreamt of feeling like a princess on your wedding or have always loved the big gowns then this style may be just what you want. 

Bohemian Wedding Dress

If you are planning a bohemian or outdoor wedding, a simple dress may be perfect! I love how elegant this off the shoulder dress looks and the lace detailing is phenomenal. You can’t go wrong with this one. The relaxed style of the shoulders, paired with the elegant ivory lace, fitted silhouette and her hair up in a bun fit the boho style perfectly.  If you’re planning a summer wedding and don’t want a formal feel, this look would be a great option to try!

Open Back Dress

I love the open back of this white wedding dress and the long train it has.  The open back look is timeless, sexy, yet still classy.  It pairs well with any fabric or hairstyle. I always have so much fun photographing dresses like this one with its multi-layered train because I can make the tulle flow anywhere I want.  If you love the traditional white dress but want a unique look without the full gown, this style would be perfect and it is so versatile.  You could wear it in any season with any wedding theme.

The Dusty Blue / Grey Dress

Dusty Blue / Grey Wedding dresses are also on the top of my favorites and are trendy yet timeless!  If I get married I think I would go with a blue hue dress.  There is just something about the blue that soothes me and feels magical!  It’s a timeless wedding color and can be paired with so many different palettes and styles, meaning you could wear it in any season.  This Fairy Beach Boho Lace Wedding Dress (top photo) is only $136 right now on!  And don’t get me started with this Paolo Sebastian Wedding Dress (bottom photo)!  I mean…wow! It’s a stunning dress!

 Reception Outfit

If you love to change things up and want to change your outfit for your reception, this will be the perfect outfit! It’s absolutely gorgeous!  It’s modern, formal and trendy yet still has that bridal look with the white fabric, embroidered lace details, and train. 

I hope you are inspired to find your perfect dress! As you go dress shopping, don’t be afraid to try on something different, you never know what you might fall in love with!  I hope your dress journey leads you to the perfect one!



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