Some of My Favorite Wedding Themes I've Shot | Dallas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography -

Some of My Favorite Wedding Themes I’ve Shot | Dallas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography

Every wedding that I’ve photographed holds a special place in my heart, they have each been uniquely beautiful and fun!  From bright colors to timeless hues, bold flavors to one-of-a-kind menus, traditional weddings to destination weddings, each has its own feel and theme.  Here are five of my favorite wedding themes that I’ve photographed!

Mexican Theme Wedding

With bold flavors and vibrant colors, Mexican themed weddings are lively and spirited!  They bring to life the beautiful and bursting culture of Mexico.  This wedding was so fun to photograph, as they did a beautiful job highlighting their country’s food, music and colors. 

The mix of bright hues, vibrant Mexican decor and fun appetizers made this the perfect wedding for the couple and their families.   The wedding was truly brought to life by the couple’s energy, the authentic music and all of their beautiful florals and decor.


Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings are fun and eclectic.  They use a mix of rustic, vintage and natural aspects.  Boho themed weddings are great because you can pull together deep colors, bright colors, unique textures, and different looks and they’ll naturally flow well together. 

This wedding was a beautiful mix of mustard, burgundy, natural wood hues, and greenery.  The vintage detail of the lace gown with the classic yet modern gray suit and the beautiful wild bouquet brought the couple’s look together seamlessly.  The reception was perfectly pieced together to create a boho vibe, with a natural look from the rustic wooden tables and chairs, as well as, a vintage and boho vibe from the place settings and florals. 

Super Hero Wedding

Sometimes a couple wants to celebrate their day in style and have fun while doing it.  Maybe there was a special event or a common interest that brought them together and they want to bring that story into their wedding day.  The possibilities can be endless. 

The super hero themed wedding I shot was so much fun.  The couple used a beautiful and bright color scheme of coral and aqua blue.  It was vibrant and full of life.  They mixed the super hero theme into every element of their day.  Super hero lego guys were placed in the boutonnieres, the centerpieces and decor.  The crowning piece was their split cake.  Traditional on one side and super hero themed on the other.  Their day was elegant, unique and fun. 

Beach Wedding

Beach Weddings are the perfect mix of romance and relaxation.  They are effortlessly beautiful and simple because of the natural background and beach setting.  No matter the time of the day or beach location, you’re bound to have a beautiful ceremony.  

This Charleston, SC beach wedding was airy and dreamy.  It was such a joy to photograph.  They used tulips and lilies to add the perfect touch of texture to their day.  The color palette was neutral with little hints of colors mixed in to keep it simple but tasteful.  The simplicity of the decor and the natural beauty of the setting, paired with the love and excitement of the couple and their families made this wedding perfectly romantic.  

  Dusty Blue Wedding

Some wedding palettes are timeless.  They’ll never be off trend or lose their elegance.  Dusty blue is one of those colors, it’s beautiful and versatile.  The hue is elegant without being overpowering and there are many complimentary colors that flow seamlessly with it.

This wedding was breathtaking.  The simple use of the dusty blue hue paired with ivory and gold accents was gorgeous.  The sophisticated gold centerpieces combined with the rustic tables, dusty blue table runners and simple greenery, gave the wedding a glam look with a relaxed feel and atmosphere.  Elegance was strung throughout the whole wedding from the classic look of the bride and groom, to the venue, to the beautifully marbled cake.    



One of the best parts of my job is getting to know my clients and their personalities.  It’s always fun seeing their story and style come out through different wedding themes and being able to capture all of the detail for them!  When choosing your wedding theme just remember to stay true to who you are; whether that’s simple, glamorous, relaxed or lively.  




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