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Essential Oil 101 Class | Young Living Essential Oils | Oils with Lynnet

Dallas, TX

On December 6, 2018, I met up with Samantha, a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor,  at a Starbucks. She was offering free iTovi Scans, which tells you exactly what oils your body needs at the time you scan. These scans normally cost $200 to do! I had been wanting to invest in essential oils for a while so I was glad I found her on Instagram! That day I bought my Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit. I had done my research prior to attending so I knew I wanted them! 

From the moment I received my oils, I was obsessed and so happy with the results that I wanted to share it with my family. That lead to having my first Essential Oil 101 Class. 

I had no idea what exactly was going to happen during this class, but Samantha and Teresa were very helpful and had everything I needed for my class! All I had to do was prepare the house and have refreshments for them, but if you know me, I love having some fun and having games at a party, so I had a raffle! 

What I Served

I went to Sam’s Club and bought a few different trays; some with cut up fruits, veggies, others with ham, cheese, and crackers, and some chicken salad sandwiches (which were delicious by the way). Oh, and some quiche mini appetizers! To drink I served water only (my mom puts those sodas out but nobody drank them). I let the guest add some flavor to their water by adding 1 or 2 drops of essential oils.  I placed 4 different flavors: peppermint, lemon, orange, and lime. I love this idea because they are able to try out the oils and at the same time be aware that you can intake YLEO.  We set up in the living room. Samantha and Teresa pretty much set this whole table up. They brought click boards for everyone and a packet with essential oil information. We also set 2 diffusers around the space so that people could smell the oils when they walked in and enjoy the aroma! While we waited for everyone to arrive and eat I played some soothing instrumental music to set a relaxing environment. I also had a table for the raffle and the party favors everyone got to take for coming. At this party, everyone got to take home a Thieves Cleaner.

For the Raffle we sold tickets:

1 for $1

6 for $5

12 for $10

Everyone was super excited to see who would win! There were 3 winners. For the first prize, the winner would take home 3 DIY rollers (which I made). Second prize winner would take Dryer Balls paired with an oil, and the third prize winner would win a NingXia Red Bottle! Everyone had such a great time and we all learned so much that day. After the class, we also offered free iTovi Scans for anyone who wanted to stay (everyone stayed to get scanned by the way)! It was a success. I can’t wait to do another class and teach more people about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them properly.

If this is the first time you do an Essential Oil Class I hope you found it helpful. Feel free to comment below and let me know what things you did for your first class, or maybe you would like to attend a class! I’d be happy to share my knowledge with you! 




If you are ever interested in trying Young Living Essential Oils or if you would like to attend /host a class I would love to tell you all about it! Feel free to email me at I’d love to hear from you1

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