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Why you Should Get Your Hair & Makeup Done for Your Engagement Session | Dallas Wedding Photographer | Lynnet Perez Photography

Dallas, TX

I’m often asked whether or not brides-to-be’s should get their makeup done for an engagement session.  Having done a lot of engagement shoots, I can say that I definitely recommend it if it’s within your budget!  Wondering why?  Here are five reasons: 

Reason #1

It helps boost your confidence and to me, confidence is the most important thing during a photo session because it reflects on the images. If you don’t feel comfortable and beautiful it will show during the shoot. You’ll be constantly overthinking everything.  Perhaps you may already feel confident without makeup and that is great! But, getting it done may help you feel your best behind the camera.  Make-up artists are skilled at what they can do and can give you any look. Maybe you just want a natural look done on you, to just give you a simple and natural glow.  That’s perfect!  Or maybe you’re going for a glam look, which is also great.  Either way, a make-up artist can assist and make you feel your best!

Reason #2

It’s a great excuse to pamper yourself! If you are like me, you might not dedicate too much time to yourself because you’re always busy or you have a hard time spending money on yourself.  But this is an exciting and special time in your life.  There are a lot of things on your plate as you plan for your special day.  So why not step back, take time to relax, pamper yourself a bit and have some fun with it! Getting your makeup done doesn’t mean you need to try a new look. You still want to look like yourself and it’s a nice way to enhance your features. 

Reason #3

Makeup artists know the right amount of makeup you need so that your beauty looks natural through a camera. You may have naturally beautiful eyelashes, but when your being photographed they may not be seen as prominently.  Makeup artists help us see your gorgeous features better, while not making you look over-done. This helps you look and feel natural, fresh and beautiful. They also know what works well in different types of lighting, with what you are wearing, what’s in season, and the time of the day you’re doing the shoot. 

Reason #4

Their makeup will last and not smear!  Have you ever done your make-up for an event and it doesn’t stay put? When you get your makeup professionally done, you won’t need to worry about retouching it during the shoot.  During your engagement shoot, you and your significant other will be laughing, hugging and showing affection.  You will want to make sure that your makeup doesn’t wear off when you’re posing together and your fiancé kisses your forehead, nose or lips.

Reason #5

It’s an investment for your photo session! The images you receive from your engagement shoot will most likely be used a lot. They’re images you are going to want to use to announce your engagement, for your save the date cards, your wedding website and most importantly, they’re family heirloom photos that you will share with your children and grandchildren. They will mean a lot.  Your children will love to see your journey and how it all began.  Looking your best, feeling your best and knowing that you’ll be enhancing your beauty naturally will be worth the investment! 




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