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Highlights of 2018 | Lynnet Perez Photography

Dallas, TX

As the year ends and I sit here reflecting on all of the blessings God has given me, all of the accomplishments I’ve seen and all of the things I haven’t quite finished, I am truly grateful for each of them.

Here are a few highlights I am thankful for:

1. My Wonderful Wedding Clients

Honestly, I don’t know how to thank all of my LP Brides for selecting me to be their wedding photographer. There are so many photographers nowadays, but I am forever thankful for your trust. I enjoyed every wedding I shot. Every wedding is a beautifully different experience. Even though they all may have a similar timeline, no wedding is ever the same!mustard-yellow-burgundy-wedding-theme-wildflower-event-venue-lynnet-perez-dallas-wedding-photographer-0410marriage-licence-lynnet-perez-photography-dallas-photographer-0003.jpgGuanajuato-desination-wedding-cindy-noel-lynnet-perez-photography-0112js-mediterranean-villa-venue-dallas-wedding-lynnet-perez-photography-0986js-mediterranean-villa-venue-dallas-wedding-lynnet-perez-photography-01532. Attending Laura Lee’s Fireside Retreat

Attending Laura’s retreat was one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. I learned so much about the business side of having a wedding photography business, which is exactly what I needed. I have spent lots of time and resources to become a skilled photographer, but I felt completely lost on how to run my business.  Wearing 17 different hats can become very overwhelming.  Learning how to wear them all got harder as my business grew. 

Laura Lee’s Retreat definitely helped me create a better system and fix my workflows to help run everything more smoothly.  I am still working on that as we speak because it’s my desire to continue to offer my client’s the best experience possible and I’ll continue to adapt and do so. The-Fireside-Retreat-for-Creatives-Windrift-Hall-2018_0003The-Fireside-Retreat-for-Creatives-Windrift-Hall-2018_0007 (1)The-Fireside-Retreat-for-Creatives-Windrift-Hall-2018_0035Thank you Rosemary for capturing these photos during the retreat. 🙂 


3. Hiring Rock Solid Virtual Assistants.

Thanks to attending Laura’s Retreat I made the decision to hire someone to help me! I had been contemplating it for awhile and I just needed to make that leap. I am so glad to have welcomed Anna-Cheri to the family this year. Now I don’t know how to function without her! She has been an incredible asset to my business. Having a VA has allowed me to create more for you guys, and I can’t wait to grow Lynnet Perez Photography with her by my side. I feel like we are the perfect fit and I’m so happy we met and are working together.

If you own a business and are feeling overwhelmed and tired, I would definitely recommend hiring someone to help you out! It’s a MUST! I know it is intimidating but I promise its a live saver and you can do twice the amount of work in one day!

This is her cute little family!

4. Second Shooting and Gaining Amazing Photographer Friends Through It

I have enjoyed working with every single photographer who has trusted me to assist them! What I enjoy most about second shooting is the fact that they give me room to experiment and try new things. I have been able to produce some amazing images for my photographers and I hope they have been satisfied with my work. I feel extremely humbled for having the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers here in Dallas and I am glad I can call them my friends. I am looking forward to some more second shooting this year! 

Here are a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken while second shooting:top-dallas-wedding-photographer-lynnet-perez-photography-0005top-dallas-wedding-photographer-lynnet-perez-photography-0003top-dallas-wedding-photographer-lynnet-perez-photography-0002-2top-dallas-wedding-photographer-lynnet-perez-photography-0002top-dallas-wedding-photographer-lynnet-perez-photography-0001

5. Hosting “A Taste of Christmas Magic: A Time of Giving”

Having my first Annual Holiday Mini Session Event was a definite highlight for me this year! I had never hosted a big event like that for my business and I must say I am extremely grateful for all those who helped me make it happen and I am so proud of myself! I learned so much from this event and can’t wait to apply it to future events that I’ll host for all of my wonderful clients. 

I have also been asked if I do any photography workshops, and though I currently do not, I have been thinking about it. Maybe in 2020, so stay tuned! a-taste-of-christmas-magic-mini-session-dallas-family-photographer-lynnet-perez-0005.jpgchristmas-mini-session-dallas-family-photographer-lynnet-perez-photography-0002-5.jpgA TASTE OF CHRISTMAS MAGICA TASTE OF CHRISTMAS MAGIC

 Overall, I have had an amazing year. God has blessed me with a wonderful family who has always supported me.  He has put me through trials and many challenges, I have questioned whether I am doing the correct thing, I’ve had ups and downs, but through all those trials and errors I have learned so much. I feel truly blessed in every way and I am thankful for everything God has given me. 

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me this year! I am ready for all the challenges to make my random & crazy ideas happen, for all the adventures that I still haven’t planned, and to meet some fun adventurous couples who recently got engaged so I can capture their love story!

This year I would love to finish my new website, which I have been working on since last year, haha, but I sadly worked with the wrong people. Things happen for a reason though. I also would love to improve on perfecting my bridal images, and be more creative by thinking outside of the box. I will also share more tips for all of my brides, as well as educate and inspire all my creatives out there wanting to learn more about photography! 

Happy New Year!



If you are interested in booking Lynnet Perez Photography for your wedding or engagement photography, please visit my contact page. All other inquiries email me at lynnet@lynnetperez.com. I’d love to hear from you!


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