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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an intimate affair and finding the right photographer can be intimidating.  But, when you consider the 5 things we’ve listed below, you’ll be able to know what you want and how to choose your photographer with confidence and peace of mind.


 Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life!  You’ll spend a lot of time planning details, coordinating schedules and envisioning how it will all look.  So when the day arrives you want to be able to feel relaxed and enjoy every second and every detail of the day.  This is why the personality of your wedding photographer is so important.  They’ll be capturing the love and emotions of the day, as well as, everything you worked tirelessly to create.

Having someone who knows you and whose personality and presence can make you feel comfortable, as well as, bring out the best side of your personality & love is more beneficial than you can imagine. You’ll feel more natural and look more natural in every photo.  Find a photographer who you feel like you can be your true self around.

This is why getting to know my clients is so important to me. It’s about building a relationship with them. I literally cry in all of my client’s weddings because I feel like they are family.

2. Communication

Good communication is extremely helpful when planning a wedding and can take away a lot of the stress of planning.  Often times Brides associate the photographer with the day-of details, but there is actually a lot of pre-wedding communication that needs to happen.

Having a photographer who can clearly lay out what their packages offer, who will take the time to talk with you and understand what your photography hopes and priorities are for your wedding, who will give you a clear picture of their schedule for the day-of and who will communicate with your wedding coordinator or personal attendant throughout the day is so important.  A photographer who communicates well will alleviate stress and add to the beauty of your day!

As a wedding photographer, I like to meet with my clients and create a wedding timeline. Before meeting up I have a questionnaire that my clients fill out that helps them figure out what is most important in their wedding and I help them know in what order things should go. I love having these meetings with them. I literally have brides tell me every time,  “Oh my gosh, Lynnet I didn’t even think of that! You are awesome! What would I do without you!?” It makes me feel so happy when I know I have in some way made their planning run much smoother and less stressful.

3. Experience

You’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. When it comes to picking a photographer, it is really important to ask yourself what you are wanting.  Are you looking for the cheapest option or are you willing to invest in a photographer who will give you the experience you’ve always dreamed of when it comes to your wedding.  Someone who has shot a lot of weddings, put the time in to hone in their skill, care and style so that you are satisfied for a lifetime with what you paid for.  You can’t put a price tag on capturing the biggest day of your life with the right person.

I am all about creating a wonderful experience for my couples. Every couple is different and throughout my years of experience I have been able to see the different types of personalities people can have and it is my job to make each person feel comfortable near me. This allows you to feel more relaxed during your engagement session and your wedding day. I also like to take good care of my clients and surprise them with gifts throughout the year, but most importantly I remind them the reason why they are getting married. It’s not about the wedding day, it’s about the promise they are about to make and to remember they are now going to become one. It’s about growing old together and learning how to get along even during the tough times. To not stress about the little things while they plan this wedding, but rather grow closer together as they begin this new journey. To breathe and to be there for them throughout the wedding planning.
4. Quality

A wedding is a day where you get to celebrate a new chapter of standing by your best friend to build a life and legacy together.  It’s a beautiful thing and ultimately it’s about more than just the day, it’s about your marriage, your love together, the support you have from your family and friends and everything to come after you say “I do”.  This is why hiring a photographer who can capture your day with great care, detail and offer you high quality photographs is so important.

Your wedding is the beginning of your beautiful love story.  As years go by, you won’t simply want to look back on the day, you’ll want to remember it to it’s fullest.  The smile on his face as you walked down the aisle, the joy that came as you put on your dress, the fun that was had as everyone celebrated and danced at the reception.  You’ll want to be able to step back in time to feel the love and emotion that surrounded you as you made your vows and you’ll want to remember all of the details that you spent months planning and preparing.

As your photographer, I make it my greatest priority to capture all of that and more.  I take the time to get to know you and what you cherish the most so that I make sure and capture it, even the smallest detail. There is a saying I always tell my second shooter’ “If it looks like it was handmade capture it”, because something that may look insignificant may mean the world to someone else. Getting to know who your family is, is also very important for me. So on th times we meet up I love hearing about your family and seeing pictures of them, so that the day of the wedding I feel like I already know them!

5. Photography Style

As you plan your wedding and look through vision boards, magazines, and blogs, you’ll start to see what type of photos and style you naturally are drawn to. There are a lot of photographic styles; from natural light to crushed blacks.  Knowing what kind of style you want is going to be a paramount in being happy with your results. The most common photographic styles are the Classic, the Bright & Airy, and the Dark & Moody look. 

Here are how they differentiate:

Look I: Classic:

Neutral/Warm skin tone
True to life colors

Look II: Film, Bright & Airy

Warm, creamy skin tone
Cool & desaturated greens
Slightly bright exposure for the main subject

Look III: Film, Dark & Moody

Warm skin tone
Slightly desaturated colors
Slight dark exposure for the main subject

Finding a photographer that compliments all is hard to find. I, for instance, am in between the Classic and bright and airy look.

CLASSIC                                 BRIGHT & AIRY                        DARK & MOODY 

I hope you found this blog helpful. I know looking for a photographer can be very hard, especially since that is all you will have left after the day is over. I know, for me, I cherish every photo, especially now that I have a daughter and she’s growing up so fast. It’s beautiful to go back and see those pictures of her as a baby. One of my favorites and being able to show her how she looked when she was a baby and be able to tell her a story of what was happening during that time. They are great memories I will cherish forever.

If you ever need some help in deciding who to choose, know that I am here for you. I am happy to answer any photography questions you may have. 

Happy Wedding Planning!



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