Addison Engagement Session | Alessandro y Marina | Dallas Wedding Photographer -

Addison Engagement Session | Alessandro y Marina | Dallas Wedding Photographer


Addison, TXaddison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0062Alessandro and Marina are such a fun couple to be around with. I guarantee if you hang out with them there is never a dull moment. They are full of life and energy all around! Thank you guys for making my job so easy and fun! Your little boy, Joel, is super cute too (and by the way my daughter saw me editing, and saw him and was asking so many questions about him)! His cute smile and personality are definitely eye-catching! I gotta watch out! addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0015addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0008addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0001addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0005addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0025This was my favorite part of the session because  Joel was going to be my helper to toss some leaves up in there air. I told him I would let him know when I was ready and he said “We gotta come up with a sound so that when I hear it I know.” I said, “Ok, what should it be?”  and he said, “How about Ca-cow?” I was like, “ok!” So there I was in the middle of Addison Circle screaming the word “Ca-cow” so he would know when to throw the leaves. HAHA! It was so funny! We definitely had everyone all laughing.addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0024addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0035addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0039addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0048addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0046addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0038addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0051addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0064addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0061addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0070addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0066addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0069addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0093addison-circle-engagement-session-lynnet-perez-dallas-photographer-0092

I can’t wait to see you guys again very soon, hopefully before the wedding day. Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes to the both of you!




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  1. Beautiful couple! Great shots! I love the falling leaves and how Joel took that role. He certainly represents a huge part of what falling in love is all about. Making a family and finally having the full glory that is a representation of Fall. The beauty of Fall is what brings families together and showing how they love one another. Every year, to have that opportunity show itself again. The joy! I love how the bride and groom are in neutral colors while Joel is in blue. The center. A calm center. Now comes the colors of fall to bring a new beginning. Congrats you two! Congrats to a new beginning and a new love. I love you both!!

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