Fort Worth Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Jonathan + Silvia -

Fort Worth Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Jonathan + Silvia

Fort Worth, TX

Last week, I had the pleasure to photograph Jonathan and Silvia at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden for their engagement session. We started off at the Japanese Garden, where the scenery and weather were perfect. I just loved Silvia’s dress and Jonathan’s royal blue blazer.  Silvia is a very sweet, kind, and quiet girl; whereas Jonathan is more of the spontaneous and risker of the relationship. Jonathan helps Silvia step out of her comfort zone, which helps keeps the relationship interesting. I cannot wait for their wedding in August at the Mediterranean Villa in Arlington.

fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0071fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0029fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0041fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0043fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0044fort-worth-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0001fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0052fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0058fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0079By the way, I wanted to give Silvia and Jonathan a high-five for doing an amazing job and working so well even when a storm was coming in. On the images below all the pictures were taken while it was beginning to sprinkle and pretty windy. Thank you, Silvia and Jonathan, for being such troopers! fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0082When we finished up at The Japanese Garden, we headed to The Rose Garden. We almost didn’t do it because of the weather, but I am so glad we did! fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0085fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0091fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0097fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0099fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0107fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0112fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0123fort-worth-botanical-japanese-garden-engagement-shoot-lynnet-perez-photography-0145
I hope guys enjoyed the images as much as I did! Let me know which one was your favorite images on a comment below. 




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