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El Dorado Dry Lake Bed | Las Vegas Engagement Session | Randy + Jenn

Las Vegas, Nevadavegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0091

Last month I attended the WPPI conference in Las Vegas, the world’s largest photography conference,  where thousands of photographers connect and learn from one another. This year I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and Jennifer from Ashford Halley Studios, Tina Rodosta from Verde Beauty, and Jenn Bruno Smith with Boudoir by Jennifer Smith. Thanks to all of these lovely ladies we were able to do a last minute styled shoot, which ended up being one my highlights from the trip! Today I would I love to share with you guys a few tips I learned that day in case you are thinking of doing your engagement or family session at a destination location.

I love couples that are adventurous and think “outside the box” for their engagement session! Because one of my favorite things is to travel, I am always ecstatic to take pictures in exotic locations. If you and your fiance love to travel as well, I would love to travel with you somewhere to take your engagement session! Taking engagement photos is a once in a lifetime experience. I take great pride in making your experience memorable and a fun. Think about it.  You will have memories that last a lifetime and it is likely that these and your wedding photos will be the first photos on your new home walls. 

Here are a few tips for a successful engagement session outside of your city:

1. Find the perfect weekend getaway to celebrate your engagement. You may not have to go far. It doesn’t need to be a different state, although that would be amazing! Remember there are so many gorgeous places in your state to visit. Do a little research, you may be surprised on what you’ve been missing! 

2. Talk to your photographer about your idea. I promise you they will be excited! I know I would.  Depending on how far it is, some photographers have an additional charge for travel. If it’s in a different state you’ll need to book the flight and accommodations. If it’s only a few hours away from your town, then you may just need to pay a small travel fee.vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-00463. Check the weather. Be prepared with different outfits and a nice clear umbrella in case it rains. During the evenings it tends to get a little chilly, bringing a cute sweater or a nice throw to keep you warm is a great idea. Ladies, you will also want to take some flats so you can walk between locations. 

vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0020vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0071vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0073vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0078vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0096vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0098vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0093vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0100vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-01034. Last but not least, remember to have fun! You never know what may happen that day. That is what makes it so exciting and memorable. Go with an open mind. I would let you enjoy the location and take some nice candid shots of how you guys truly are when you travel. Of course, there will be times that I may feel I found “a perfect spot” and may do a bit of styling, but don’t worry we will have a great time! vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0115vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0110vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0123vegas-desert-engagement-session el-dorado-lake-bed-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0126

I hope these few tips encourage you to try something adventurous for your engagement shoot! 




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