Sparrow Creek Ranch Wedding Venue | Dusty Blue Wedding Theme -

Sparrow Creek Ranch Wedding Venue | Dusty Blue Wedding Theme

Graham, TXsparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0165-2.jpg

This past month I had the privilege to work with some amazing vendors.  Today I wanted to share with you all an incredible styled shoot we did at the Sparrow Creek Ranch in Graham, Texas. I have absolutely been fascinated with a dusty blue wedding theme, but I have not had the chance to photograph a wedding with that theme yet, so I decided to plan a styled shoot.  This style has definitely been trending lately, and I feel the vendors did such a great job at making it happen. Everyone was so kind, and I had such a great time working with them all. I want to thank Nadia Ehia, from Party of Two Events, for coordinating this event. She did a fabulous job organizing everything and making it all happen. One awesome fact about Nadia is she was also my bride back in 2015. Of course, she planned/coordinated her own wedding and everything turned out amazing! I absolutely love the relationship I have built with her: she is one of the kindest and most determined individuals I have ever met. I can’t wait to work with her for many years to come!  If you are a bride and you’re looking for a wedding planner head over to Party of Two Events and tell her Lynnet sent you. 

Sparrow Creek Ranchsparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0003sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0203sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0221sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0258.jpgsparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0245sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0275sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0293

Do you love barn weddings? I know I do! There is something about barn weddings that always ends up being so much fun! Sparrow Creek Ranch is the perfect barn venue. There are many reasons to fall in love with this venue, not just because it is simply gorgeous, but also because it is family owned. The entire building was built out of recycled materials from older buildings from the area. This gives the building so much character and gives the venue a nice rustic look.sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0733sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0005sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0098The Bridal Suite has a huge mirror which is so important when getting ready.  The Sparrow Creek Ranch team did a great job designing the bridal suite by having multiple mirrors in the room. One of my favorite things to see while the bride gets ready is watching her expression as she stares at herself in the mirror.  Seeing a bride reflect and think about how her life will completely change after the wedding always produces beautiful images! It’s such a special moment. I loved the nice bridal bow Micaela, with Kiss & Makeup, came up with for the bride’s hairpiece. sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0129sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0094sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0154sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0140


Grace, from Hunnie & Co., did such a lovely job with the invitations and menus for our table. She actually hand-wrote each one, uploaded them on her computer, and then printed them at home! How cool is that! Grace definitely has a talent for coming up with clever ideas.  Also, I’d love to give a big thanks to Devin from Joy’s Flower Shop located in Graham, TX for the wonderful floral arrangements. Life just isn’t the same without flowers.  Flowers at a wedding are like the cherry and whipped cream on top of the dessert. You don’t always need extravagant flowers for your wedding day to look amazing. A little bit of green and color sometimes are all you need to bring some life to your decor. sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0013sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0025-1sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0107sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0024sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0040sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0101

Now, let’s talk about the table settings, which by the way went perfectly with the venue. Cammie, from Beautiful Event Rentals, had the perfect wedding tables and silverware for our rustic dusty blue theme. There are so many rental companies out there, but I will say Beautiful Event Rentals has it all! They have unique pieces that really help a wedding or event come together. All their options are so graceful while still giving you the ability to create your own unique style. sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0497

Are you not in awe!? Those chandeliers and mirrors made my jaw drop the first time I saw them! They add the perfect romantic touch! sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0181sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0489sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0658sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0185sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0673sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0186sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0193sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0485sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0400sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0380sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0435

Cake + Dessertssparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0333

Kathy, from Cultivated Cake Studio, did an extraordinary job with the marbled cake! I wish I knew how to make my own cakes have that awesome marble effect! Want to know something cool about her business? Cultivated Cake Studio is an online made to order kitchen/bakery that specializes in custom cakes, artisan fondant sculptures, and sugar florals. All her cakes are made from scratch with whole and natural ingredients. How great is that! Kathy is simply amazing and her cake was as delicious as it looked!sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0357sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0324sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0599sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0606

The tarts were made by Uma, from Tartilicious, a bite of happiness. Tartilicious is a one of a kind french pastry located in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. These tarts were not only delicious, but also perfectly crafted. I ended up taking some for my daughter and family to try, and everyone loved them. Our favorite flavor was by far the blue lemon tarts!sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0349sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0627sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0643sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0322

The Grand Exit

The owner of Sparrow Creek Ranch also has some vintage cars that he recently started renting out to wedding couples.  This Chevrolet is just one of the many cars he has available. Isn’t it gorgeous?! It is such a perfect getaway car for a wedding depature.sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0536-1sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0526sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0550sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0559sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0555sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0562sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0721sparrow-creek-ranch-lynnet-perez-wedding-photography-0594.jpg I hope you all enjoyed these images as much as I did! I had such a great time working with all these talented vendors.

Also, Congratulations Rhianna and Anthony Dempsey on your anniversary! You guys are so cute together. I wish you guys nothing but the best. Some fun facts about them: Rhianna is a model and Anthony is a Magician!




Ceremony + Reception Venue| Sparrow Creek Ranch

Coordinator | Nadia Ehia from Party of Two Events 

Bride | Rhianna Dempsey

Groom | Anthony Dempsey

Bride’s Dress | Bliss Bridal Salon– Fort Worth / Designer: Sophia Tolli

Hair + Makeup Artist | Kiss & Makeup

Calligraphy | Grace from Hunnie & Co.

Florist | Devin from Joy’s Flower Shop Graham

Cake | Kathy from Cultivated Cake Studio

Tarts | Uma from Tartalicious

Rentals | Cammie from Beautiful Event Rentals

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