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4 Popular Wedding Hairstyles | That Make You Look Stunning!

If you were browsing the web and landed on this page, I am pretty sure you have a full page of Pinterest dedicated to your dream wedding!

Whether you are engaged or nonchalantly browsing through wedding hairstyles, weddings are always hard to plan. Even the tiniest details of a wedding can drive a girl crazy. Well, you’ve come to the right place because I am going to help you find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding! I’ve done the work for you, so when you are ready to talk to your hairstylist about your hair, you can show her one of these pictures and hopefully say, “I want to look like HER, please.”

❋ The Classic Bun

You can’t go wrong with a classic bun. If you are planning on wearing a busy wedding dress with lots of details or a beaded dress, it is smart move to do something simple– like a classic bun! Here are some styles I found online and thought it may inspire you.

Wedding Bun Hairstyle 1

Image Credit:  Rock My Wedding

Wedding Bun Hairstyle 2

Image Credit: Unknown


Image Credit: Unknown

❋ Chignon

You’re probably wondering where this word “Chignon” came from… Well, it’s French! It actually came from the phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck according to One Fab Day Wedding Blog. Take a look at some examples. These weddings styles are for gals who want to have more of a subtle and elegant bun-ish look.


Image Credit: Tulle & Chantilly


Image Credit: Matt Edge Photography

What i like about this bun is if you tell  your hairstylist you would like to undue the bun after the ceremony and let it loose for the reception she can show you a way to help you make it happen. that way it seems like you have 2 different hairstyles on your wedding day!


Image Credit: Unknown

❋ Loose Curls

Hello, curls… I love curling my hair… Do you? There is something feminine and beautiful about loose curls. I feel like when I have great curls, my day instantly gets better along with my confidence (Don’t you?! haha).

[Side Note] If you want an amazing hair curler that ACTUALLY works, try The Beachwaver! It works, ladies. Think of combining an amazing hair curler with a wand and there is a mechanic component to it so it sorta curls your hair for you! Yes, think of a hair robot. And it takes like 10 minutes tops to curl your hair

Let’s get back to WHY loose curls are perfect (with lots of hairspray, of course). Curls give us the flexibility to style and frame it around any facial shape. Also, teasing it often makes your hair look voluptuous.


Image Credit: Perenyi

Brides Long Hairstyle Trendy Hairstyles For 2015 Brides I Do Ghana

Image Credit: Brides Long Hairstyle Trendy Hairstyles For 2015 Brides I Do Ghana – Brides Long Hairstyle


Image Credit: Unknown

❋ Half Up Half Down

This is a beautiful hairstyle for someone who can’t decide between a fancy updo and a romantic down do. There are so many choices to make when it comes to your wedding and you are simply indecisive (and it’s totally ok!). This is why this hairstyle is popular among lots of brides-to-be. This is the perfect hairstyle if you are a girl who is into boho chic… So Fetch! ☺


Image Credit: Mod Wedding

wedding hairstyles half up half down

Image Credit: Fancy Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles 64 For Your Ideas with Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles


Image Credit: Unknown

Oh, ladies, I hope you enjoyed my little collage of favorite wedding hairstyles. Just remember, take your time and BROWSE as much as possible before you pick your hairstyle because the wedding day is YOUR DAY. And remember…..

“Life is too short to have boring hair.”

Happy Wedding Planning!



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