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Engagements | What to Wear


I often get asked by my clients for advice on what to wear for their engagement session. Today, I want to talk to you about one of the most integral pieces when it comes to engagement photography: clothing. It can be challenging trying to coordinate and plan your outfits with your partner because both of you may have different tastes when it comes to style. So I want to give you some advice to ensure that you and your partner are picture-ready for your engagement photography session.

  1. Most of my couples prepare two outfits for their engagement session. I recommend starting with a casual outfit and then changing into a formal outfit for the evening.LYN_3134LYN_3397LYN_3331
  2. Coordinating doesn’t necessarily mean being “matchy” with your partner. It is ok to wear the same color for your engagement shoot, however wearing a different shade of the same color is more ideal than trying to wear the exact same color!dallas-photographer-Prairie-Creek-Park-engagement-shoot-90.jpg
  3. Love wearing BRIGHT colors? That’s great! If you or your partner decide to wear a clothing piece with a lot of colors (or a color that pops), I highly recommend the other person to wear a neutral or pastel color. The reason being, you don’t want your outfits to take away from one another. Instead, you want it to complement each other.LYN_8474BlogBoard-10

4. This one is just an idea. Some couples plan their attire based on their wedding theme so they can use the photos as part their “Save the Date” invitations. This is also a great idea if you decide to create an engagement guestbook or a photo slideshow of your wedding journey because it makes everything look cohesive and organized. There’s a lot of preparation and decision-making along the way, but this is what makes wedding planning fun! For example, this couple’s wedding colors were mint and gold. I love how they incorporated their colors into their engagement shoot.  Their wedding day was so much fun! Take a look!


5. Sometimes, you just want to be simple and classic. As girls, we can all agree that we can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. If you decide to wear a black dress and heels, please advise your partner to wear something formal as well. It is important because it makes you look unified as one couple. Plus, who doesn’t like to see his or her partner all dressed up!?

Brooklyn Bridge-Engagement Session

6. If you decide to wear plaid, I highly recommend you to wear clothing with larger plaid because it photographs better than tiny little-checkered patterns. It’s better to wear a solid shirt than a shirt with small patterns. The camera doesn’t pick up small patterns from far away. Another reason to wear larger plaids is because it adds dimension to your engagement photos.dallas-engagement-photographer-engagement-session-at-white-rock-lake-0035.jpgLYN_3048

7. Accessorize! Scarves, necklaces, belts… They make a difference and can add so much to an outfit! I love when my couples have a plethora of accessories ready for an engagement shoot.JnV13

8. Don’t over think it. The guy wearing a simple colored v-neck is fine too!cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0097

9. Don’t be afraid to wear something that is unique to you! It’s suitable to wear a nice dress with a cardigan for your engagement photoshoot. However, if you have a unique style be sure to show it off! As a professional photographer, it is enticing to see your personality through the attire you come up with. Plus you feel confident when you feel comfortable, which leads to my next point.dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0093dallas-wedding-photographer-regina-and-randy-engagement-shoot-at adriatica-village-0175

10. Finally, wear an outfit that makes you feel confident. This is a tip I highly recommend you paying attention to. Confidence is the most beautiful thing anyone could embody. Wear attire that is flattering to your figure and skin tone. We all know that everyone looks great in certain outfits and colors. For example, I always get told that I look great in royal blue. It goes well with my skin tone. So if I have the opportunity to be part of a photoshoot one day, I will prepare outfits with different hues of blue. If you feel self-conscious about your legs, don’t wear a mini skirt. If you don’t like the way your arms look, it’s probably not a good idea to wear a tube top.. not that those are even “in” right now (lol).  Whatever the outfit may be, wear something that will make you feel extra SPECIAL. Sure, I will teach you how to pose, but you’ll love your images much more if you wear an outfit you feel comfortable in. Trust me, when you are confident, it shows in pictures and it’s my job to capture it!Klyde-warren-park-dallas-downtown-engagement-session-0084Klyde-warren-park-dallas-downtown-engagement-session-0127

Thanks for spending another day with me. I hope all of these tips will help you narrow down some of your outfit choices for your upcoming engagement photo session! Stay warm and I’ll talk to you next week!

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