Enchant Christmas | The Great Search Light Maze {Lina’s Experience}

Dallas, TX 

enchant christmas in dallasHappy New Year! I hope everyone’s holidays were great! This past year (it’s crazy I can’t believe it’s 2018 already) I took Lina to the Enchant Christmas Light Maze and it was by far one of the best things I could have done for her. It was truly a remarkable place. She had so much fun, as did I. It was definitely a place worth going to. It’s the perfect place to go as a family, with a group of friends, or on a date with your loved one, even the perfect proposal place! There is so much to do and see I recommend you get there as soon as the doors open. 

Lina and I got there at 6:00 PM and she was still not ready to leave at 11:00 PM when they closed! That’s how much fun she was having. We were able to do pretty much everything though. We got lucky the lines weren’t that bad and it wasn’t freezing.  dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0005

dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0469dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0468The entrance of Enchant was epic! They had some enormous reindeer, ice crystals, and fake snow machines everywhere so you could actually feel like you were entering an enchanted forest. There was so much to see at once; you didn’t even know which way to look or go first because everything looked beautiful! I had to take a moment to soak it all in.dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0011One of the first things Lina noticed was a lady wearing a jacket with Santa’s feet upside down. She said, ” Look mom Santa!” I had to capture it, lol.dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0016


The first thing we did was eat. There were so many food trucks with delicious food it was hard to decide what to choose. I ended up going for some tacos! You can never go wrong with some delicious tacos. Lina, of course, had some hot chocolate. During the winter I don’t think there is ever a day that goes by without Lina having her cup of hot chocolate. While we ate, we got to hear a lovely lady perform some Christmas music. She was great!dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0022dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0023

Once we finished eating the great search of finding the reindeer began! She was anxious to begin. I loved how well everything was made. Every little detail of the place made a difference. Starting off with that GORGEOUS ENORMOUS TREE! As soon as you enter the maze you are given a card where Santa is asking for your help to find his missing Reindeer.  Lina immediately took off! It was so fun watching how excited she got. I will never forget that face she made. Everything was so surreal to her! I will forever cherish this day. I wish I was able to take more artistic photos of her and the place, but she was too anxious and didn’t give me enough time.  I am glad she at least let me take a few! dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0258dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0255dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0040dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0041Check out this tree! Isn’t beautiful?! Lina looked so petit beside it. It was by far the largest tree I had ever seen.dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0045

The reindeer on the left was the first one she found. We took a picture with every single one. She really enjoyed taking the photo and scratching off their names from the card. dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0054dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0108dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0062dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0065dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0081dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0090dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0093dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0095dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0114dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0117dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0120dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0121dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0123dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0125dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0129dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0132dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0134dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0129-1

Finding Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer was the most exciting moment for her! It was placed in a very unique place where everything was lit with white lights.dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0146dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0146-1dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0153dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0160dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0165dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0172dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0178dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0180dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0186-1dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0201dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0214dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0218

At the end when you found all the reindeer you got a prize from Santa where he thanks you for finding all his reindeer. You also got to meet him and take a picture with him. Lina has never liked taking pictures with Santa, but I was very proud of her this day. She actually wanted to take a picture with him, she talked to him, sat on his lap, smiled, and didn’t cry! I don’t know if it’s the age or she simply believed it was the real Santa!dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0236dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0247486

After pictures with Santa while we waited for our turn to go ice skating we did a little shopping. There were some very interesting shops. dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0264dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0274dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0282 We fell in love with this llama. It was soo soft and fluffy! The softest of furs. Guess how much it cost though? $550 dollars. dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0285dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0299We didn’t get to go to all the shopping cabins because it was our turn to go skating, but there were so many beautiful handmade things I wanted. On our walk back to the skating rink Lina saw a man in a snowman costume. She really wanted to skate with him. When we got there the man was already done skating and sat right next to us. I told him my daughter wanted to skate with him and he was nice enough to do two rounds with her. He was so kind. It definitely made Lina’s experience even more magical.dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0303dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0306dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0327dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0337

Lina made lots of friends while skating too! It was fun seeing her interact with others. dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0386dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0390dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0406dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0407dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0414dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0425dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0426

After skating time was over she told me she wanted to take skating lessons. Guess I’ll need to add that to our schedule.

It was time to go now, and on our way out we ran into a snow machine. She asked, “Mommy can I play with the snow for a few minutes?” I told her, “yes” and I just sat back and enjoyed such beautiful moment.  I took me back to the time when I was a child and how much I enjoyed even the slightest bit of snow.dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0458dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0442dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0444dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0446dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0452dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0460

It was wonderful. I do not know where the Enchant  Christmas maze will be next year, but if I was given the opportunity to go again I would! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a small glimpse of Lina’s experience at Enchant Christmas. It was definitely one of the largest mazes I had ever been to. They definitely kept up with the quote “everything is big in Texas”!dallas-enchant-christmas-2017-christmas-light-maze-0473

And of course, I had to take a picture of the Cowboys Stadium with the gorgeous sunset.at&t stadium

I hope everyone has a great start to the new year! Happy 2018 everyone. Best of wishes to you and your family.



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