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How to Prepare For a Cake Smash Photoshoot | Lynnet Perez Photography

Carrollton, TX2017-12-27_0030Planning your child’s first birthday cake smash photoshoot can be stressful because you want it to turn out perfect. I understand, especially if it’s your first child! Today I want to provide you with a few tips on how to prepare for your child’s first birthday photo shoot.

  1. Bring your smile and encouragement! Some children might feel overwhelmed by everything. This can cause your baby to get stressed or begin to cry. Sometimes letting them know they can try the cake will help them want to try it again.2017-12-27_0016
  2. Make sure your child is has eaten well before the shoot. The last thing you want is for your baby to be hungry and not want anything but her milk. If your child gets hungry during the shoot make sure and bring a few of his or her favorite snacks.2017-12-27_0012
  3. Select a time keeping nap time in mind. It’s always better to do it right after their nap and meal. You don’t want your baby getting cranky during the shoot and feeling tired. 
  4. Choose the right cake. The best cakes to smash are plain old vanilla sponge cakes. Be careful with what color of icing you choose though. Red can leave your baby looking like a vampire and brown will you know what that might look like.2017-12-27_00142017-12-27_0018
  5. Get a smashing outfit. These photos will be treasured for years to come so, of course, you will like your child looking their best. Keep in mind they will be getting messy so don’t use their Sunday best outfit for this. You don’t want the icing to ruin it. This is the perfect time to have fun, get something over the top, and be bold!2017-12-27_0007
  6. Prepare for a mess. There will be icing everywhere and not just on the baby. It will be on your clothes too. Bring some baby wipes to clean your baby up and an extra pair of clothes to change your child into. If time permits we can take a few photos with the second outfit. 2017-12-27_00142017-12-27_00172017-12-27_00102017-12-27_00062017-12-27_00192017-12-27_00202017-12-27_00212017-12-27_00222017-12-27_00232017-12-27_00242017-12-27_00252017-12-27_00272017-12-27_0026
  7. Bring Props! Less is usually more. You don’t need to go overboard on props; a simple garland or ballons will be fine. If you are doing outdoor photos perhaps a blanket so your child can sit on it will be a great idea too.2017-12-27_00012017-12-27_00022017-12-27_0005
  8. Saftey first. Make sure your child isn’t allergic to cake. Have them try some a few weeks before.
  9. Have fun! Don’t stress about all the details and making sure everything turns out exactly how you want it. The best images come from the unexpected. So relax and enjoy watching your child try their cake! 2017-12-27_00282017-12-27_0029



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