The Perfect Christmas Proposal at Gaylord Texan Resort | Preemesh + Brishani -

The Perfect Christmas Proposal at Gaylord Texan Resort | Preemesh + Brishani

Grapevine, TX

Today I want to relive Preemesh and Brishani’s Proposal. On December 17, 2016, Preemesh proposed to Brishani at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel & Convention Center.  I want to thank Preemesh for trusting me in photographing such an important day! Preemesh and I met a few days before the proposal at the Gaylord to choose the exact location where he would get on one knee and discuss where I would be standing. This is something I recommend you do if you hire a photographer as you plan your proposal. This helps you both be on the same page and it helps release some stress the day of.

The day of the proposal everything turned out perfect and I couldn’t be any more excited for them.  Preemesh did such a great job planning everything ahead of time and keeping it a secret from Brishani for so long. I mean, seriously! Preemesh had been planning this for months! In order for Brishani to have no idea that he was going to propose, he went as far as flying his best friend from out of town and saying there was going to be a Business Christmas Party at the Gaylord. He even printed out a fake invitation for this so-called corporate party. Can you believe that!?! Brishani believed it completely! Everything was so believable and well thought out. He was prepared for everything! Having come up with a party, made it easy for him too because then he didn’t have to find a way to tell her to dress up. Since it was a fancy dinner corporate party, then it let her know what kind of attire to wear.

The holidays are always a perfect time to propose. The Gaylord is always so nicely decorated during this time of the year, which adds a romantic feel throughout the day. It’s not called the season to be jolly for no reason! The music, the Christmas decorations, the colors, the snow (unless you live in Texas we don’t get snow, lol), the atmosphere, everything makes the spirit bright!

After the proposal, I always like to take about 45 minutes to photograph them for the first time as an engaged couple. It’s such a sentimental moment worth taking photographs of. The energy after is always perfect! It definitely worth taking a few minutes after to capture such joy!2017-12-08_00112017-12-08_00142017-12-08_00132017-12-08_00122017-12-08_00152017-12-08_00162017-12-08_00172017-12-08_00182017-12-08_00192017-12-08_00202017-12-08_00222017-12-08_00212017-12-08_00242017-12-08_00232017-12-08_00252017-12-08_00262017-12-08_00272017-12-08_00282017-12-08_00292017-12-08_0030

Congrats Preemesh and Brishani on your engagement! 



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