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I mean, where do I even start!? These two lovebirds are completely adorable, and oh how they compliment each other. Will, the groom, is my friend’s son. That is how I got the wonderful privilege to photograph such an amazing rehearsal.  It was nice to see how much love Will has for his, now wife, Colleen.  Both Colleen and Will are book worms and Karen, my friend, did such a wonderful job incorporating it into the vintage style theme they were going for. The rehearsal dinner took place at The Theodore, located in Dallas inside the North Park Center.  The dinner was so delicious, especially their dessert, a 7 layered chocolate cake. It was finger-lickin’ good, and I’m not even a fan of cake! You guys should definitely go and try their food out if you haven’t done so yet. They are actually celebrating their 2 year anniversary this Thursday, November 16. I hope to see you there! I’ll be there for sure to help them celebrate their success.

Colleen and Will, you guys are amazing and deserve the best! Thank you for letting be a part of such a lovely evening. Enjoy your sneak peek!2017-11-13_00072017-11-13_00062017-11-13_00012017-11-13_00052017-11-13_00042017-11-13_00102017-11-13_00022017-11-13_00112017-11-13_00132017-11-13_00032017-11-13_00152017-11-13_00162017-11-13_00172017-11-13_00142017-11-13_00322017-11-13_00122017-11-13_00222017-11-13_00332017-11-13_00232017-11-13_00242017-11-13_00182017-11-13_00212017-11-13_00352017-11-13_00192017-11-13_00202017-11-13_00262017-11-13_00252017-11-13_00312017-11-13_00272017-11-13_00282017-11-13_00292017-11-13_0030Congratulations Colleen and Will on tying the knot. May your love continue to grow for each other and may God bless you with everything you’ve dreamt of.  Cheers to many years of happiness! 




Rehearsal Dinner | The Theodore

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