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Holly Bellomy | Interior Design

Frisco, TX

First of all, I would like to thank Guadalupe Garza from Twin Shoot Photography for referring Holly Bellomy to me. Holly used to be an elementary school teacher just like me and soon we began to realize that teaching children was not our only passion in life so we pursued our hobby and what filled out hearts with joy! Holly Bellomy is now an interior designer who enjoys making your home have a luxe look all awhile maintaining  a clean and cozy feel. She is a calm and fun person to work with. Not only that, but she is an amazing person inside and out. It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her again.

Here is a little glimpse of her work at the Kushimo’s residence. Holly was hired to remodel the master bedroom.  I think she did an excellent job! The Kushimo’s wanted a place where they could relax after work with their 2 children. The bedroom is where they spend most of their time so it was important for it to be spacious, cozy and airy. Holly did exactly that. When I asked Bola what was her favorite thing in her new remodeled space she said, ” The feel and ambiance of the room.” Holly did a great job of achieving what her clients were looking for. The family is enjoying their room and are very happy with the results.holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0018holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0048holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0031holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0026holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0049holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0061holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0068holly-bellomy-interior-designer-commercial-photography-0069



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