Cedar Ridge Nature Perserve | Juanette + Russell’s Engagement Session

Cedar Hill, TX

I have known Juanette for about two years now. I met her at my daughter’s school, Holy Trinity Catholic School, and ever since that day she has always been the sweetest and kindest person to me. We have become good friends since working together, and I am super excited for her! She deserves nothing but the best, and I know Russell will be a great husband.  

Both Russell and Juanette like to stay active. They enjoy outdoor activites like biking and hiking. So, naturally when Juanette suggested taking their engagement session at Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve I got really excited because I knew it was one of the places they went for their first date. I knew I wanted to capture their love story the moment I found out about their engagement.

Just like many of the couples I photograph, Russell and Juanette were a bit nervous about their engagement shoot. As a wedding photographer, my main job is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of my camera so that we can produce the best photos during the session.  One trick I always use to get everyone laughing is to tell the guy to whisper something flirty to his fiance. I have no idea what Russell said to Juanette, but it clearly made her laugh!  Within 15 minutes of the session Russell and Juanette were naturals. They did a great job and the pictures turned out amazing!cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0003cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0006cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0020cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0029cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0036cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0042cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0044cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0059cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0063cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0066cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0076cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0092cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0095cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0097cedar-ridge-nature-perserve-engagement-shoot-dallas-photographer-0103

I am looking forward to seeing Juanette walk down the aisle. I know for a fact she will look amazing and absolutely gorgeous. I just hope I don’t cry when I see her walk down the aisle. I Love you Juanette, and I can’t wait for the wedding day!



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