Adreana + Colin’s Engagement Session | White Rock Lake & Trinity Groves

Dallas, TX

Here they are…all of Adreana and Colin’s photos turned out amazing! They look so great together. They are both very sarcastic, but Colin is more chill whereas Adreana brings the crazy in the relationship. They are both coffee lovers, but Adreana loves the sweet caramel macchiato. Colin on the other hand, prefers very little cream on his coffee. I had a great evening with these two and I’m looking forward to their big day!

We began the shoot at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden is always a great location to take photos! I never get tired of it. There are just so many locations to take pictures at.dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0002dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0007dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0014dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0018dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0021dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0032dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0035dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0033dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0037dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0040dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0044dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0052dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0065dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0070dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0071dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0073dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0077

After leaving  the Arboretum we headed to White Rock Lake. One of my favorite locations. When we were heading to the lake we came across this bench which read, “Our road starts here”, which I felt was perfect for the occasion. It was perfect!  I love how Colin decided to wear his Air Force uniform on some of the photos. Thank you Colin for your service. We greatly appreciate it. dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0091dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0095dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0103dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0113dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0114dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0125dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0128dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0129

We then hurried to Trinity Groves to beat the sunset. It got so windy all of the sudden, but Adreana did such a great job keeping it together!dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0139dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0142dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0147dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0151dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0154dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0161dallas-arboretum-botanical-garden-engagement-shoot-0168

Only a few months left. Make sure and stay tuned to see their lovely wedding photos!



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