Las Colinas Gondola Proposal | Alejandro + Ericka -

Las Colinas Gondola Proposal | Alejandro + Ericka

[Irving, TX | 08.28.16

I have known Alejandro + Ericka for about 7 years now. We all attended Our Lady of the Lake University. It was then when Ericka and Alejandro started dating. I left when that romance began and it is so nice to see that love still flourish after all these years. Who would have thought they were going to date for 7 years and now be engaged!

Alejandro did a great job proposing to Ericka. He made it magical for her. He planned a trip to Dallas. Took her to the Cold Play Concert, and the next morning woke up and took her to Las Colinas Gondola Adventures, where he proposed. While riding the gondola Ericka found a glass bottle floating in the water. When she grabbed it there was a note that read, ” you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love… I love… I love you. And I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” When she read that, tears began to roll down her cheeks. If you don’t recognize the quote it’s from “Pride and prejudice”, one of her favorite books/movies. That’s is what Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth. At that moment Alejandro kneels on one knee and asks her to marry him. Of course she says YES! They celebrated with a bottle of champagne and a romantic scenery.

After the Gondola, her took her to a nice lunch and the Dallas World Aquarium to see the sloths, her favorite animal!

Congratulations Alejandro + Ericka on such an important new chapter in your life’s. I wish you two nothing but the best! I can’t wait for the big day!alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0003alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0006alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0013alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0022alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0026alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0028alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0031alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0040alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0061alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0077alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0079alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0083alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0086alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0088alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0092alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0100alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0118alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0126alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0132alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0133alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0143alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0154alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0159alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0164alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0178alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0180alex-erika-proposal-photographer-in-dallas-gondola-engagemnet-shoot-0188



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