Let it Snow!

Let it snow in Texas?

Februrary 27, 2015

Dallas, TX

It finally snowed today! I got so excited today when I looked out my window this morning and I saw the streets covered in snow. It reminded me of when I was a kid. I would love to be the first one to step on the snow for the very first time, but then I also didn’t want to touch it so that it wouldn’t ruin.

Today my sister decided to take pictures near the Trinity River. Before you take a look at them, let me tell you we froze to death! I could not feel my hands or toes. My sister was the bravest dressing up in a dress, wearing heels and not wearing a jacket during the shoot. I couldn’t do it. It was perfect though. Thank you sis for your wonderful idea. I hope you like how the pictures turned out and Happy Birthday Sissy Bear!


By the way Johnny thank you for being our assistant as well, haha! You were great!
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Love ya,



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