Sanchez Family Mini Session -

Sanchez Family Mini Session

Sanchez Family Holiday Mini-Session 

Klyde Warren Park- Downtown Dallas

Saturday, December 13,2014


I hope you all have been enjoying your time with your family and friends! May your homes be filled with peace, love and joy this holiday season. I took some time this year to take some family photos myself. Here is what I got.

family1 I met Sarah and Andy about 8 years ago. In different occasions, but what a small world this is. I met Sarah through one of my college friends and we have remained friends since. We rarely get to see each other though, because we get so caught up on work or family gatherings. It was good to see them again and meeting their little prince for the first time. He was such a character. Loved him! They are the cutest family ever. Wishing them the best this holiday season. Hope to see them again soon! Maybe for my daughters 3 year old birthday celebration.

Thank you once again Sarah and Andy for giving me the opportunity to capture such an amazing moment of y’alls life. Must I say it was a beautiful day as well. A perfect day to shoot and enjoy the evening at the park with the little kiddos! Hope you all enjoy the pics!

BlogBoard-1BlogBoard-3 BlogBoard- 2Right after I got done with my session and getting ready for my next, I ran into one of my high school friends sister. Oh how time has gone by so fast. It had been over 10 years that I last saw her and now she is a full grown lady. She was with a few of her friends all dressed up, celebrating Alyssa’s Sweet 16. Must I say she looked gorgeous in that dress! They all looked so beautiful.  It was good to see you again Brianna.

BlogBoard-7 (2horiz pics)Congratulations Alyssa, may God Bless you with many more years of love, health, prosperity & happiness. And remember to “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”


Lynnet Perez


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