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Fstoppers Bahamas Workshop


Finally getting around to talk about my amazing trip to The Bahamas Atlantis Resort  I took May 28-June 1,2014 to attend the very first Fstoppers Workshops ever! It was one of the most memorable events in my life. I had a blast while learning from so many amazing photographers. If your interested in becoming a professional photographer or already a photographer I recommend you attending these workshops next year. You will absolutely love them.
I attended Pye Jirsa‘s Wedding Photography Workshop. He is such a nice and amazing person. He was patient with ALL of us and you could see how much effort he put into this. You definitely will leave completely satisfied once you complete the workshop. Be prepared to be up at 4:00AM though, I mean if your interested in catching the morning sunrise.

My Arrival

My arrival to the Bahamas was great! The people were very friendly. I took a bus from the airport to the resort. The gentleman who drove us was very kind and full of energy. He literally gave us a tour as we drove by the city.
20140527_165919 (1)          20140527_150430 (1)
This was the view of my patio. It was such a peaceful place. I was so excited to be there. Before I got there I made a few friends that were also attending the workshop. The Fstoppers were kind enough to make a Facebook Group Page so that we could meet everyone before we arrived. I was so grateful, because I was able to find 2 other people willing to room with me. This helped bring down the cost of the room. I will definitely be doing that again next year.
20140527_153306First thing I did when I arrived was hang out with my roommates, register/sign in, eat, and head to the beach! We wanted to grab something quick to eat, so we went for Quizno’s Subs. Soon after walking for a few minutes we started to feel the heat! I was so ready to jump in the water after my hunger was satisfied. The water was amazing! It wasn’t as salty as other beaches and the water wasn’t freezing. I’m not a fan of cold water, so I definitely was a little hesitant of running straight into the water like my roommates did; but as soon I my feet touched the water I went for it. It had been years since I had taken some time to relax.
20140527_174335 (1)
That night we pretty much walked around the resort and met up with a few other photographers. This is what we came across as we walked the Atlantis Resort. I have to say they had some pretty neat architecture .


The Workshop

My course was two days long. We met up both days at 5:00am in the morning to capture the sunrise and ended the night around 8:30pm. It was well worth it. I had lots of fun and I learned so much. Pye was a great insructor and he took the time to explain everything to us. I can honestly say that all the questions I had before attending the workshop were answered. I even learned things I hadn’t even thought about.
13One of the pros about also attending this workshop was being able to connect with other photographers around the world who also shared the same interests as you. I currently still keep in touch with them and some even turned into a long-term friendship. We are even planning a trip to met up again.

Since this trip, my photography has improved a lot. I have more confidence in what I do and each day I continue to surprise myself. I am constantly striving to get better at what I am passionate about. If I am lost or don’t understand something I ask; and that’s what nice about having other photographer friends who you can always turn to and ask questions if you have them.
I hope to see you all soon next year! Please feel free to comment on any of my pictures or if you have questions about the workshop.
Love you all!

  1. Aryan says:

    Awesome photography. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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