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Michael and Zephra’s Wedding

Wow, what an amazing day! I would first of like to thank Michael and Zephra for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful and most memorable day for them. I don’t think I will ever forget this day for multiple reasons; one, it was my first official wedding shoot and I got to meet some amazing people. I had shot for weddings before, but only as an assistant so I never got the chance to fully experience what it felt like being the main photographer of an event. I must say I think I’m in love with shooting weddings!

I met Zephra and Mike one day after shooting my cousins senior photos in downtown Dallas. We were eating at a restaurant when Zephra noticed I had my camera with me. She asked me if I was a photographer and of course I said yes.  She told me she was getting married and was looking for a photographer. I thank God for being there at the right time at that restaurant. It goes to show that when you do something you love and are out there promoting it, people will come to you. So for all those new starters in their photography business go out there and shoot photos of anything.  You never know if you ran into someone who is looking for a photographer!
So here we are months later after we met, showing you their weddings pictures. She looked so beautiful!

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