Prom Night. -

Prom Night.

I took these photos in May. This was an excited night for Nora, as well as for me. It brought me back to my High School memories. We also went to the same HS, so that was even more exciting. Oh how I loved and miss those times. Life is short and we must enjoy it to the fullest!
Thank you Nora for the wonderful experience and allowing me to be a part of this important day for you!



n3love the lighting in this photo. This is why I like taking photos in the evening, you can do so much more when the sun is in your favor.




This is Nora entering the W Hotel. You can just see in her face all the emotions: excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness.
And of course, there was also a bit of fun involved 🙂 We took a small break to relax and I took a picture of Nora hanging around with her nephew, “Baby Erick”.


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