Barcelona, Spain -

Barcelona, Spain

My Barcelona trip (Oct.2009) was amazing!! I had a great time. Made some new friends and saw things I thought I would have never seen! Everything there is BEAUTIFUL and the place is insanely clean. I was very impressed. The ambiance is very relaxing and I love the fact you can walk to any place without the need of a car. I wish I could do that here in Texas, but everything is just too far.

People there are very creative and place themselves on the street in a strip. I particularly remember this older lady and a girl posted up in a costume full of fruit. There is a picture of them on the slide show. Making sand castles is also very common. These sand artists’ can make absolutely anything they can imagine!

The architecture of the buildings are so unique, modern, colorful, and precise.  I absolutely love this place. I would love to go back someday and visit other parts of Spain.

I hope you guys enjoy the pics!

love, lynnet.


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