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Fall 2009 | Rome, Italy

During my fall 2009 semester I got the privilege to study abroad in Rome, Italy where I was able to take some amazing pictures. This was the best time in my life! It was not until I was backing up to leave Rome when I had finally realized that I was there, in Italy. It all felt surreal to me the entire time I was there. Like a dream come true. The most unforgettable moment for me was finally being able to walk in the most blessed place in Rome, The Vatican, Saint Peter’s Basilica.



Walking through those enormous doors was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. Any person who would stand next to the doors would look so small in comparison. The ceiling and the gate were brushed with real gold and made of  Renaissance Bronze. These doors were not only tall, but also very heavy and thick!  entranceAs I entered the Basilica  I felt this great peace and I automatically started to cry. Then my next thought was where should I look first. The architecture, statues, the designs in the ceiling and wall were just so precise and perfectly done it was overwhelming to look all at once. You could definitely spend an entire day there and loose track of time! There is just so much to see and take in all at once. If there is a place you should go visit it’s here!St. peters


If you are ever in Rome and would like to go to a beach near by, this is one of the top beaches to visit.
viewI absolutely loved it! It is a small town, very calm,cozy, and relaxing. The people were very nice. I went in September and it wasn’t crowded.sunset]]>

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